Can your Smartphone Stress Your Eyes?

author_thumb November 22, 2013
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A lot of you will remember being warned not to sit so close to the television when you were growing up, for fear of going blind or getting square eyes. And while we might have rolled our young eyes and sulked our way back to the couch, it turns out that there might have been some truth behind the line after all!


Research recently published by David Allamby, founder of Focus Clinics in London revealed a 35% increase in patients with advanced myopia, which he has linked to the invention of the smartphone.

Surge in shortsightedness

Myopia is a refractive error that is caused by hereditary and environmental factors, and usually worsens before the age of 25 when the eye is growing at a rapid rate.


The condition has soared since 1997 according to Allamby’s findings and he predicts a 50% rise in the condition in the next ten years given the current proliferation of hi-tech phones, portable tablets and game consoles among children and young adults.

Having trouble with distance vision?

A myopic eye is either longer than a regular eye or has a cornea that is too steep which causes light to focus in front of the retina rather than on it. With myopia, objects in the distance appear blurred.


Excessive use of an artificially lit screen in close proximity can trigger the genes that are responsible for short sightedness and cause them to stay functioning for longer according to this latest research.

Overworking your eyes

By holding a smartphone or similar device too close to the eyes, they are forced to work harder to focus on objects and text clearly.


A good test to check if you are guilty of overworking your eyes is to take note of how close you hold your smartphone to your face compared to if you were reading a book or newspaper.


Ideally, you should hold your smartphone or tablet at least 16 inches from your face to allow your eyes to focus with ease.

Correct myopia with Laser Eye Surgery

If you suffer from myopia and are interested in a long term lens-free solution, then Laser Eye Surgery could be the perfect solution for you.


Call Optilase now to book your free consultation on 1890 301 302.

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