Bladeless, Painless Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase

If you have been thinking about Laser Eye Surgery, but fear the idea of anything going near your eye, you can relax knowing that at Optilase you can chose blade-free vision correction.


IntraLase vision correction at Optilase is an entirely bladeless procedure that corrects common refractive errors including short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism.


These refractive errors usually develop in the cornea, which is a clear dome-shaped layer of tissue at the front of the eye.


Those who have 20/20 vision have so because their cornea is perfectly round and curved.


If you need glasses or contact lenses, it often is because the curve of the cornea is too steep or too flat. In cases of astigmatism, the cornea is irregularly shaped.

IntraLase vision correction

The majority of Laser Eye Surgery procedures at Optilase require the creation of a corneal flap.


IntraLase differs from other procedures in how the corneal flap is created using a Femtosecond Laser.


Pressurized air infiltrates the cornea to produce a layer of microscopic air bubbles at a predetermined depth to separate the outer layer of the cornea from the inner layer, where vision is corrected.


This painless and bladeless incision only takes 15 seconds per eye and can even be performed on patients with thin corneas as the depth of incision can be altered.


The corneal flap is then lifted aside to allow for a patient’s eyesight to be corrected using an Excimer Laser.


An Excimer Laser removes tiny amounts of corneal tissue to instantly create 20/20 vision or better.

IntraLase advantages

IntraLase uses the latest techniques and advanced technology to make Laser Eye Surgery minimally invasive for Optilase patients.


The innovative procedure offers a range of added benefits over standard procedures, in that there is a significantly lower risk of corneal flap complications or infections thanks to the use of the Femtosecond Laser.


IntraLase allows for increased surgical precision while delivering an exact prescription correction in each eye, and is suitable for those with thin corneas.


The IntraLase procedure enables patients to choose customized vision correction with minimal recovery time required.


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