Best possible results with WaveFront

Can you imagine taking off your glasses and never having to put them back on again?


After years of tolerating glasses, making the move to permanent vision correction using Laser Eye Surgery is life-changing.


Often it is carrying out the small, everyday tasks without issue – such as showering and being able to distinguish shampoo from conditioner (we’ve all been there) – that will have you wondering why you didn’t opt for Laser Eye Surgery years ago.


At Optilase, you can give your eyesight the royal treatment with WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery which creates an intricate map of each cornea to outline the exact nature of your vision error so that it can be effectively treated.

Your exact refractive error

At your optician, you will have been prescribed lenses that are measured in diopters (D), which reflect your optical power in each eye.


Depending on your refractive error (myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism) you will wear lenses that will correct your vision.


However, glasses and contact lenses are prescribed in 0.25D increments which can result in you wearing lenses that do not match your exact refractive error.


WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase uses technology to measure your exact refractive error and is capable of performing corneal corrections in 0.01D increments, making for incredibly accurate results.

Transform your vision with WaveFront

The sophisticated laser technology used during WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery delivers a complex ablation pattern to each suited to individual specifications.


WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase delivers precision vision correction to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, while also offering a range of other benefits to patients:


Improved Contrast Sensitivity: Those who have difficulty distinguishing objects in low levels of light can expect a significant improvement in their night vision as well as a reduction in any glare, haloes or starbursts around sources of light.


20/20 Vision: Optilase patients who undergo WaveFront are more likely to benefit from 20/20 vision or better after surgery, making for incredible vision at any distance.


Better Vision Clarity: WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery creates unprecedented visual acuity and vision clarity in patients.


Long-term results: Since WaveFront treats the entire surface of each cornea and corrects an array of vision defects, it is unlikely further treatment will be required by patients.


To find out more about WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery, schedule your free eye consultation at Optilase on 1890 301 302.