Optilase, Best Laser Eye Surgery in Ireland

Optilase, Irelands largest provider of laser eye surgery was recently voted best laser eye clinic in Ireland by Local Women Magazine. Optilase, is a 100% Irish owned and has been a huge success opening 6 new state of art clinics over the last two years. Medical Director of Optilase, Dr.Wayne Crewe Brown accounts this success to superior service Optilase offers in its locations and investing in the most advanced laser eye technology. Optilase results speak for themselves with over 99% of their patients achieving 20/20 vision.


Laser eye surgery has become hugely popular in Ireland over the years with many Irish celebrities such as Brian O’Driscoll, Padraig Harrington opting for this life changing eye procedure. There are many reasons why laser eye surgery in getting more popular in Ireland each year. There has been many advancements in eye technology making laser eye surgery safer and less discomfort for the patient.


Best Laser Eye Surgery in Ireland


In fact, over 30 million people worldwide have undergone laser vision correction.The cost of laser eye surgery depends on what treatment you go for. There are different technologies such as Advanced Custom Vue Wavefront which measures the imperfections of the eye so the patient gets a more customised treatment. In recent years, Intralase technology has been the new revelation in eye laser market. Instead of the surgeon using a blade called a Mickoeratome to create the flap, the laser can create the flap leading to a more precise and safer treatment. Over 70% of the eye laser treatments in Optilase are Intralase. Intralase is more expensive and prices of this range from 1500 euro to 1700 euro. However, all patients can claim back 20% tax relief of laser eye surgery at the end of the tax year.


Not every patient is suitable for laser eye correction. Optilase turns aways 30% of the patients that come into their clinic. There are many factors for not been suitable for the treatment: 1. If the prescription of your eyes are not stable 2. If you are pregnant or breast feeding 3. If you are diabetic or have a squint or lasy eye.


Optilase offers free consultations and has laser eye clinics in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Galway, Longford, Belfast and Derry. Call Optilase on 1890 301 302 for more information.