Before Laser Eye Surgery

author_thumb July 26, 2013
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Some Optilase patients come into the clinic on the day of their procedure and are completely unfazed with what is about to happen, while others can be extremely nervous.


If you fall into the latter category, then it’s probably best to take some steps to prepare yourself mentally in anticipation of your surgery.

No more glasses or contact lenses

The first step in getting ready for a life independent of glasses or contact lenses is an important one. If you have relied on corrective eyewear all your life the transition to not needing them can be quite overwhelming.


Laser eye surgery is a permanent vision-correcting procedure that means you will no longer have to reach for glasses first thing in the morning. This unusual aspect of individual freedom takes some getting used to at first, so be prepared!

Realistic expectations

During your free consultation at one of our Optilase clinics, a member of staff will have outlined the expected results of your laser eye surgery.


It is important to discuss your wants and needs at this stage so that you are acutely aware of the best possible outcome in your case.

Understanding risks

No surgery is completely risk free, and laser eye surgery of course comes with some considerations and potential side effects.


Make sure you understand each and every risk outlined to you at the consultation stage, and feel free to contact us at any point if you have any further questions. Some of the risks you may have been told about include:

  • Under-correction / Over-correction
  • Poor night vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Scar tissue
Physical preparation

If you wear contact lenses you will have been advised as to how long you should avoid wearing them prior to laser eye surgery.


For women, eye makeup and moisturizers should not be used in the days leading up to your procedure. Shower before your appointment as you will need to avoid getting anything in the eye post-surgery.


The entire procedure lasts only minutes and you won’t feel a thing, but some nerves are completely normal.


If you have any worries in the lead up to your surgery, we are always available to answer questions from your initial consultation to the day of surgery itself.


Don’t hesitate to call Optilase on 1890 301 302 or fill out our consultation form.

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