Athletes choose Laser Eye Surgery

If you have an active lifestyle-even if you just like to go for the occasional swim or run on a treadmill-then you would benefit from laser eye surgery in place of corrective eyewear.
Many athletes have opted to have Laser Eye Surgery to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Sports-related eye injuries involving broken glasses are always a hazard, not to mention the fact that glasses slip when you start to sweat.
If glasses seem a bit of a liability playing sport, contact lenses aren’t ideal either. They often pop out, leading to a crucial missed opportunity or a delayed game while people scrabble around on the floor looking for them.
Sweat, dirt and airborne irritants can get in under the lens, causing problems. Some people use prescription goggles when playing sports like squash or tennis, but they look pretty ridiculous if you’re going for a run in the park.
Many international athletes, including Tiger Woods and our Doug Howlitt have opted for Laser Eye Surgery, as it gives them a vision superior to anything they had before and gets rid of the need for corrective eyewear.
Laser eye surgery is used to treat a variety of eye conditions, and is one of the fastest, most minimally invasive surgeries available. It has a very fast recovery time, which makes it an excellent option for athletes or active people.

Will vision be precise?

Most athletes rely on excellent vision to achieve peak performance in their chosen sport, and if you’re wearing corrective eyewear, lenses or prescription goggles to play sport, then your visual acuity and hand-to-eye co-ordination is not as precise as it could be.
With laser eye surgery, your vision will have been corrected, as the shape of the cornea will be sculpted by the laser. This means your vision will be better than it’s ever been.
If you’re an athlete, or just like to stay fit with regular exercise, give Optilase a call on 1890 301 302 for a free consultation and see how Laser Eye Surgery could benefit you.