Amazing Corneal Inlay Restores Near Vision

The Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ is a corneal inlay that is implanted over your dominant eye to allow you to see near object sharply. Optilase Ophthalmic Surgeons have been successfully performing the procedure on hundreds of patients who had trouble with presbyopia, or ageing of the eye, and the results are dramatic.

Presbyopia, the ageing Eye

The Presbia procedure uses a corneal inlay to compensate for the vision difficulties causes when the eyes get old and lens get stiff. Inflexible lenses can’t move the way they used to, to form a clear image, and people end up holding objects far away from their eyes in order to make up for the blurring that occurs at close quarters.


A person who suffers from Presbyopia, or aging of the eye, begins to have difficult seeing near objects clearly as not only does the lens of the eye get stiff with age; the cillary muscles of the eye cannot squeeze it to focus properly.


Objects near the eye appear blurry as the eye struggles to focus, so people have to hold things at arm’s length to see them properly. Presbyopia is a result of the natural aging process; it can affect you in your early forties, and many people find they become dependent on reading glasses to see.

How the Presbia Procedure solves Presbyopia

The Presbia procedure, available exclusively at Optilase in Ireland, is the ideal solution for those who don’t want to be dependent on corrective eyewear. A very slim corneal inlay, made of a bio-compatible material that can exist comfortably in the human eye, is slipped into a pocket made on the surface of the eye.


The inlay is only implanted in your non-dominant eye, and can actually bend light. When the patient needs to focus on a near object, the inlay can compensate for the eye’s natural lens and the patient is able to forma clear image without having to hold things far away.

Swift, Pain-free Procedure and a Free Consultation

The Presbia procedure takes only a few minutes; a local anaesthetic is used to numb the eye and a little pocket is made in one of the layers of the cornea. The inlay is slipped into this pocket, which heals itself in a day or two. Patients no longer need to rely on corrective eyewear for near vision and the implant is removable if the prescription ever changes.


You can take advantage of a free consultation at Optilase to see if you might be a candidate for Presbia; just call 1890 301 302.