Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

The human eye is an incredibly complex and sensitive organ, a fact which is borne out by the fact that in the US, it is estimated that according to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of the entire adult population requires some sort of vision correction. It is amazing to think that such a high proportion of us require some sort of intervention just to enable us to maximise our vision, but then again, just think of all of the different sources and types of light that our eyes are exposed to every single day of our lives.
Of course we don’t all suffer from exactly the same issues when it comes to our vision problems – the eye is far too complex to be quite so accommodating! Typically though, there are three major vision problems which represent the vast majority of all vision problems that we are likely to experience throughout our lives:


Myopia is the official medical term for what is more commonly referred to as near-sightedness or short-sightedness, where the difficulty lies in on focusing on objects in the distance. The problem is caused by a refractive error ; this essentially means that the eye does not bend light properly in the case of people who have an irregular shaped cornea, causing further away objects to appear blurry and out of focus.
But here is the good news! Myopia can now be fully corrected in double quick time (approximately 7 minutes per eye to be precise) by laser eye surgery at Optilase Dublin. The procedure is painless and simple and will reshape the cornea so that it allows light to focus on the retina and in the process completely adjust the eye’s focusing ability.


This is the medical term for the problem that is more commonly referred to as long-sightedness…another lovely lay man’s term which provides a perfect and succinct description for what this problem is! Like myopia, this too is a refractive error, but in this case it is distant vision that is perfect but the up-close objects that are blurred and out of focus. With hyperopia the problem is simply that the eyeball is shorter and flatter than it should be; this focuses light in behind the retina, creating a blurred image.
As with myopia, the good news is that Optilase can provide you with a long term solution to your long-sightedness. This again comes in the form of laser eye surgery treatment which simply adjusts the gradient of the cornea, to enable it to refract light correctly onto the retina. In less than 15 minutes, we can simply and painlessly transform your vision…and help you kiss a long goodbye to your eyewear for ever more!


Another very common ailment and another member of the ominous sounding refractive errors family. With astigmatism, instead of the cornea being perfectly round, it is more of a rugby ball shape; this means that light which enters the eye does not do so evenly, causing distorted vision as a result of objects appearing blurred and out of focus.
Luckily for all of you astigmatism sufferers, you need worry not because Optilase also offers a complete, long term solution to this particular refractive error, once again in the form of laser eye surgery. The laser simply and painlessly reshapes the cornea, making it rounder and allowing it to refract light more evenly for perfect vision.
To find out if you are a suitable candidate for laser eye treatment in respect of any of these vision problems, simply call Optilase on 1890 301 302 or fill out the green contact form above right, and book a free appointment. See the difference with Optilase!

Article written by Alan Shanley