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What does LASIK eye surgery feel like ?

First of all, let’s be clear: everyone (even big brave men who’ll never admit it to you!) is at the very least slightly nervous when the day of their laser eye surgery finally rolls... Read more

Kilkenny Hurler Padraig Walsh has Laser Eye Surgery

  Padraig Walsh, top hurler for Kilkenny, recently received PRK treatment here at Optilase. PRK treatment combats the common conditions short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism (irregular corneal shape).   Star Treatment... Read more

Laser Eye Surgery Cost Explained

  When it comes to laser eye surgery, the two most common concerns of prospective laser eye surgery patients are cost and safety; how much will it cost and what exactly is involved in... Read more

Tom Dunne has Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase

  Tom Dunne, Radio Broadcaster and Musician, has undertaken a pioneering treatment called Presbia that provides a reading glasses-free alternative for ageing eyes.   About Tom Dunne Tom Dunne is a Radio Broadcaster and... Read more

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

  Taking the life changing decision to undergo laser eye surgery is a momentous decision in anyone’s life. The words life changing do tend to get bandied about a lot – very often in... Read more

Save your eyes from smartphone strain and keep your vision 20/20!

  Your smartphone is your trustiest friend when it comes to your day to day communication with the wider world. Your trusty ally in getting through the day, it is almost now an extension... Read more

How the eye works like a camera – and why laser eye surgery is the answer when it fails.

    We don’t often sit back and marvel to ourselves at just what an incredible organ the eye is. But if we consider just for a moment about how complex this vital little... Read more

The Laser Eye Surgery Journey – from Consultation to Aftercare

  The decision to undergo laser eye surgery is never one that is taken lightly, and it is certainly not a snap decision made on the spur of the moment.   Nobody wakes up... Read more

Irish Celebrities that had Laser Eye Surgery with Optilase

  No matter what aspect of our lives we focus on, we are always looking for more convenience, simply to allow us to be more productive in our daily lives; it’s just a natural... Read more

Solving your short sightedness

If you have been squinting or straining to see things in the distance clearly, it is time to get your eyesight checked at Optilase and explore the world of laser vision correction.   For... Read more