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Holding things at Arm’s Length to see?

Presbyopia is a condition that affects just about everybody over the age of 40; it tends to creep up on you gradually and by age 45, you may find yourself holding printed material like... Read more

I don’t like wearing reading glasses, but am I too old for surgery?

At a certain point in life, your body will start reminding you that it’s not as young it used to be and it needs some help to carry out daily tasks, such as wearing... Read more

Top Ten Warning Signs of Age-Related Eye Trouble

As we get older, everything starts to fail a bit; and our eyes are no exception. We can work out to keep our bodies fit, but to keep our eyes in good shape is... Read more

Baby Boomers and Eyesight Issues over 40

If you’ve turned 40, chances are you’ve noticed that your body is beginning to betray you a little. Your eyesight in particular will have changed, and one of the biggest issues with people aged... Read more

KAMRA and Presbia – Your Solutions to Near Vision Problems

KAMRA and Presbia are both methods of dealing with near vision problems like presbyopia, the ageing of the eye that makes the crystalline lens stiffen and unable to accommodate clear focus on near objects.... Read more

Record Demand for Treatment To Eliminate The Need for Reading Glasses

Did you know that a simple eye treatment means that we no longer have to rely on reading glasses, as we struggle with our near-vision as we get older? Did you know that the... Read more

Difference between KAMRA and PRESBIA

As the natural lens ages, its ability to ‘accommodate’- that is, to alter shape to provide focus on objects at all distances- begins to fail. Laser Eye Surgery can restore some of the functions... Read more

Who can get KAMRA inlay lens?

KAMRA inlays are a very clever solution for Presbyopia sufferers, as usually those people have experienced a gradual stiffening of the crystalline lens in their eye as well as issue with the muscles that... Read more

Good News for Readers

Optilase have good news for people with Presbyopia! You’ll be delighted to learn that there is finally a treatment available that will allow you to be free of reading glasses.   Presbyopia is an... Read more

It’s the end of the road for reading glasses

Do you find yourself over stretching your arms when trying to read? Never mind the eye strain, fatigue and squinting, arm strain can be a give-away sign of the onset of presbyopia, the age-related... Read more