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10 facts that will help you overcome your laser eye surgery anxiety

  First off, let’s clarify one thing: undergoing laser eye surgery is a very big deal for everyone. So whether you’re still considering it or are already booked in and waiting for the big... Read more

Optilase Q&A with Leanne Woodfull

As an in-demand top blogger, you’re pretty busy 24/7. What gave you the push to get Laser Eye Surgery?   Being honest, my eyesight was so terrible and my reliance on glasses so great,... Read more

15 fascinating facts about eyes!

While most of us appreciate and are somewhat in awe of just how incredible the eye is, it’s fair to say that as with most parts of the body, we don’t tend to sit... Read more

What exactly is astigmatism?

The word astigmatism must be one of the most commonly misspelt words in the English language: not only is it long and unorthodox, it also frustratingly sounds like two words as opposed to one!... Read more

5 simple ways to ensure you maintain healthy eyes

Your eyes are one of the most important (and complex) organs in your body. Life without your eyesight does not bear thinking about, right? They are simply your most valuable asset because they play... Read more

Optilase Q&A with Ellen Bonner

Ellen Bonner, age 25, Optilase Q&A Ellen Bonner, a professional dancer, underwent LASIK laser eye surgery with Optilase Clinic back in September.   We recently caught up with her to find out what she... Read more

Optilase in the Media

At Optilase we like to share the latest industry news with our clients. Recently we have had some amazing feedback in the press about our Laser Eye Surgery treatments. Some top journalists came to... Read more

New laser eye procedure can turn brown eyes into blue!

  Just when we think that it is simply not possible for any further new cosmetic procedures when it comes to our eyes, what goes and happens? Yep, that’s right, along comes another new... Read more

How to Eat Right for Maximum Eye Health

  As we age, the realisation dawns that everything we read about eating healthy foods for the good of our bodies is actually true. When we are young we feel immortal, but as our... Read more

Trying to decide if Laser Eye Surgery is for you?

If you are currently relying on glasses in order to see clearly, you probably find it a bit tiresome. Misplacing them or breaking them leaves you vulnerable; especially if you’re travelling. People who need... Read more