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Amina’s Story

Amina Cassimo from the Nampula region of Mozambique was blind for three years. As a mother of 12 children and a subsistence farmer, Amina had been a fiercely independent and capable woman all her life.


Amina told Sightsavers: “In the morning everyone in my family and all my neighbours leave early to work in the fields. I am left alone in the house and I feel sad and very alone”.


Amina was diagnosed with cataract – a clouding of the eye’s lens. It’s a common condition all over the world, and one that can be rectified for as little as €20. Yet in poor countries such as Mozambique thousands of people are needlessly blind from cataract, due to a lack of health education combined with a scarcity of accessible eye care. Amina attended a hospital supported by Sightsavers for an operation. Before she went into the operating theatre she said “I’m most looking forward to seeing all my grandchildren again.”


Amina’s operation was a success and she returned home to huge excitement from her extended family. Her youngest grandchild, Zacarias, was woken form his lunch time nap and brought out to meet his grandmother. This was the first time she had ever seen his face.


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